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Children in Crisis VI

Multidimensional Perspectives

Zoom 2022

17:00-17-15 (Israel Time) Opening remarks :prof. Emerita Dalia Ofer, Hebrew University Jerusalem

17:15-18:35  First Session :Chair: dr. Boaz Cohen

Ms. Maria Kaldani, The HOME Project’ Athens

Apart from Family: Becoming unaccompanied after enetring a safe country

Dr. Verena Buser, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

…all have suffered the lack of a normal steady background.” Displaced Children, Europe 1945

Dr. Amy Williams, Nottingham Trent University uk

Reaching out across Time and Space: Child Survivors of Genocide and Reconciliation



18:45-20:00    Second Session: Chair: Dr. Verena Buser

Mr. Jan Graf, International Organization for Migration Berlin

Lost in Transition?! – Strengthening Unaccompanied Migrant Children in their Transition to an Independent Life. Findings of the U-CARE Project

Dr. Chiara Renzo, Universitå degli Studi di Firenz

Jewish DP Children in Postwar Italy Youth Villages: the Challenges of Collective Rehabilitation

Ms. Esther Bernsen, AMCHA Deutschland

Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma to following Generations: What we can learn from Child

Survivors of the Holocaust today