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Lecture Videos

Children of War, Holocaust and Genocide – about the project

Lecture – Dr Boaz Cohen at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague.

Polish and Soviet Child Forced Labourers

Children’s Interpretation and Understanding of War and Trauma

Child Survivors and Testimony: Emotions, Memory, and Identity

The Survival of Children in the Nazi Camp System

Remembering and Re-remembering the Family: Interviews with Child Survivors of the Holocaust

“The Children’s Voice”- The Use of Children’s Early Testimonies

From Empathy to Critical Reflection: The Use of Testimonies in the Training of Educators

Testimonies of Jewish child Forced Labourers. Methodological Challenges, Limitations and Boundaries

“The Fascinating and Happy Year in Our Lives” A case study of Refugee Children from Romania, in the “Ilania” – Children’s Village Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

The Future of Holocaust Child Survivor Testimonies in the 21th Century: The Importance of an Evaluation Tool for Best Practices

“We were Five Children Without Parents” The Testimony of Ilse Kahane Frieda Wollheim, Engele Billauer, Elizabeth Steinlauf and Traude Saul